As summer fades into the past and winter is on the horizon, you may start to notice your car’s heater doesn’t keep you as warm as it used to, or even warm at all! There’s probably nothing worse than hopping in your car on a cold morning and not being able to crank up the […]

Ensuring your tires are in the proper shape to drive on is vital to ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. However, oftentimes tread is the only part of our tires we check, which can lead to oversights on other dangerous factors. One of these often-missed issues is dry rot, which is often one […]

Toledo may not be known for its scorching hot days, but summer can still bring some major heat, especially within a car interior. There are not many things worse than getting in a hot car, cranking the A/C, and then realizing it’s just blowing lukewarm air at you as you sit there and suffer. Climate […]

The alternator is a crucial component of your vehicle’s electrical system, responsible for generating power to recharge your car’s battery and power the electrical accessories in your car, such as the lights, radio, and air conditioning. However, like all car parts, the alternator has a limited lifespan, and eventually, it will need to be replaced. […]

Because of the colder temperatures that are now hitting most parts of the country, you may find that your vehicle is a little noisier and more sluggish than usual. You will likely find that it’s time for an oil change service! You may think that even though you don’t notice any other car problems, it […]

Knowing the proper vehicle maintenance items recommended by the manufacturer is the first step in keeping your car operating stronger and longer than normal. You may be wondering just what are the basic car maintenance items needed for your vehicle? The first place to look is in your owner’s manual. This little book (you should […]

Do you know what it means when your wheels are out of alignment? To put it simply, it means that your tires are pointing in a different direction from the steering wheel. It’s like a toddler wearing shoes on the wrong feet—very awkward and uncomfortable! Misalignment problems are more damaging than some drivers realize. If […]

The car battery is the most underrated but essential piece of equipment your car needs to be able to drive down the street. It is an energy storage device that relies on a chemical reaction to produce enough electricity to operate the starter motor, ignition, and fuel system. Once the motor is running, the alternator […]

Do you know what kind of automotive service is recommended for your vehicle for optimal performance and driving safety? You may get anxious thinking about what kind of automotive service might be needed when it is required and how much the service will cost. You may also be concerned about whether or not you can […]

Winter has arrived on the scene. If you haven’t already taken care of the basic car service, it isn’t too late. Ask your car repair technician about what kind of maintenance is needed so that you know you are driving as safely as possible in snowy and icy road conditions. Have a thorough inspection performed […]