Why is My Car A/C Blowing Hot Air?

Toledo may not be known for its scorching hot days, but summer can still bring some major heat, especially within a car interior. There are not many things worse than getting in a hot car, cranking the A/C, and then realizing it’s just blowing lukewarm air at you as you sit there and suffer.

Climate control is one thing we take for granted in our vehicles. Despite not being necessary to actually drive the car, A/C is considered essential for summer driving by many. It can be easy to forget that your air conditioning system is vulnerable to issues like any other part of your vehicle. 

Here are a few possible causes of an A/C that won’t keep you cool.

A/C vents on dashboard

Low Refrigerant

Probably the most common cause, low or leaking refrigerant is a surefire way to lose your sweet cold air. A/C refrigerant is the fluid used to cool your car’s interior as it is looped through the system, constantly expanding and contracting during the process. This refrigerant lives in a closed loop, meaning it won’t evaporate over time. 

However, as A/C system parts begin to wear down and age, they can develop leaks that allow the refrigerant to leave the system and deplete the supply. With low/no refrigerant comes no cooling properties, and the air being pushed into the cabin will not be cold. 

Topping off your refrigerant will return your A/C to working order, but failing to fix the original leak can and will mean that this new refrigerant will also find its way out of the system. Bringing your car to a professional for repair and recharge is your best option, as the issue will be fixed at the source.

Clogged Condenser

The condenser is dependent on air moving through it to create cooling, so as it becomes gunked up with dirt, dust, and debris, it’ll lose its effectiveness. 

The condenser lives at the front of your car, and if you can locate it you may find some visible debris that can easily be removed. If the problem is instead a broken condenser, it’ll need to be replaced entirely. 

Faulty Electrical System/Fuses

Often some of the most frustrating issues to repair, electrical malfunctions are a common cause of a faulty A/C. Diagnoses usually consist of visually inspecting the wires and fuses within the air conditioning system to try and pinpoint the faulty connection that may be causing issues. 

Taking your vehicle to a trusted professional is your best bet for efficiently finding and repairing these electrical issues, as they’ll have the testing equipment to accurately diagnose and replace the root of the problem.

Bad Compressor

Even if your vehicle is all stocked up on refrigerant, it won’t mean anything without a working compressor to pump it through the system. With age, compressors will wear down and eventually stop working. It’s also common for them to experience failure following a long period of not being used, such as after a long and cold winter. The best way to avoid your compressor “seizing” during colder months is to run it every once in a while for 10-15 minutes. This will keep it ready to be used as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. 

A broken compressor will require a replacement though, and should be taken to a trusted professional to ensure proper diagnoses, removal, and installation. Making a mistake while working on an A/C can be costly.

Air Conditioning Service at Toledo Auto Care

Don’t suffer this summer with a broken A/C. The experts at Toledo Tire and Auto Care will inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle with top-notch service and high-quality parts, so you can spend more time enjoying driving in the sunshine rather than dreading your scorching interior. 

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