Worried About Knowing What Are the Signs of a Car Battery Dying?

The car battery is the most underrated but essential piece of equipment your car needs to be able to drive down the street. It is an energy storage device that relies on a chemical reaction to produce enough electricity to operate the starter motor, ignition, and fuel system. Once the motor is running, the alternator supplies the electricity needed for all the other vehicle systems and re-charges the battery as the car runs.

Is it safe to drive with a weak battery? Your car will go until your battery dies completely, but you should realize it isn’t the safest situation to be stranded on the side of the road on a freezing winter day. A weak battery can also overload the alternator, which can adversely affect the operation of the auto electrical system.

Generally, a battery will last anywhere between four to seven years. But if your battery is relatively new and keeps dying, there is some other problem that needs to be discovered. Ask your mechanic to check it out!

What are the signs of a car battery dying? Take a look below:

  • Your car won’t start. The cranking amps become lower than the original rating as the battery ages. Eventually, as the cranking amps get below a certain level, your car won’t start at all.
  • The battery warning light illuminates. If this happens, have your battery inspected. It may be time for a new battery.
  • Electrical components don’t work. When a battery starts to fail, the voltage it produces drops, leading to the malfunction of the other electrical components in your car.

Remember: Every battery will die eventually. But it is possible to prolong the service life and avoid a premature car battery replacement by keeping it well-maintained.

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