Do You Know What is the Right Oil Change for Your Car?

Because of the colder temperatures that are now hitting most parts of the country, you may find that your vehicle is a little noisier and more sluggish than usual. You will likely find that it’s time for an oil change service! You may think that even though you don’t notice any other car problems, it really isn’t necessary to pay the price for a high-quality oil change. The damage caused by using a poor grade of oil may not be noticed until later down the road.

Lower quality motor oils may not be effective and can leave harmful contaminants behind as it flows through the engine’s lubricating system. Even before any visible symptoms of problems, damage to the engine may have already taken place. The extra cost for a high-quality, warranty-backed oil change is worth a few more dollars to keep your engine protected.

So why should you use high-quality oil in your car? This will ensure better lubrication for the protection and longevity of your engine. Good-quality motor oil keeps contaminants separated and held in suspension, such as dirt, partially burned fuel, oxidized motor oil, leaked coolant, and condensed water vapor, which can all contribute to sludge build-up. By having regular oil changes, these contaminants will be drained out rather than left behind to create sludge.

How can you find out what is the right oil change for your car? Read your owner’s manual (you should find it in your glove box) or ask your auto mechanic for guidance. An oil change service is also the perfect time for your auto mechanic to check out the other systems of your car for any pending problems. Ask your auto shop if they offer oil change coupons, so that good quality oil changes are more affordable for your budget.

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