Need To Know How Often Should You Get a Fuel System Cleaning?

The performance and longevity of your vehicle are primarily dependent on the type of fuel in its tank. Over time, you may notice that your car isn’t performing the way it once did, even though you’ve been using the highest fuel grade recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Why is that, and how often should you have a fuel system cleaning?

Just what are fuel injectors, you may be wondering? Fuel injectors pressurize and pump fuel through an electronically controlled opening that sprays the fuel into the cylinder. This allows the fuel to burn evenly and more efficiently.

Over time, as you operate your car and it burns fuel, carbon deposits are left behind, creating a layer of build-up on the fuel injectors. Cleaning of the fuel system flushes out this build-up and cleans the fuel injectors. Your car engine will run smoother and become more fuel-efficient by removing the build-up of carbon deposits and flushing them out of the fuel system.

How often should you get a fuel system cleaning? Generally, most mechanics recommend cleaning the fuel injectors every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. If you’ve noticed any of the following, it’s time for a fuel system cleaning:

  • Significant decline in your miles per gallon
  • Loss of performance and power
  • Feeling sluggish when you accelerate
  • Rough idling
  • Pre-ignition sounds
  • Your vehicle is becoming hard to start
  • Throttle hesitation when accelerating

The four main reasons to get a fuel system cleaning are:

  • Improve gas mileage, saving money on fuel costs
  • Reduce emissions from your car
  • Protect and restore the performance of your car
  • Increase engine life and performance

Some auto shops will recommend a fuel system cleaning if they see a dirty air filter. Before proceeding with the cleaning, check the mileage interval for service, and ask your mechanic to test the fuel pressure before a fuel system cleaning is performed.

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