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Do you start to panic when you rush out the door to work and your car won’t start? You may be worried about how you know your car battery is bad or if there is some other problem lurking under the hood. Understanding the basics of car batteries might help you figure out if your […]

Before we are in the middle of winter and all of its hazards, give a little attention to your vehicle with a tune-up. Schedule a diagnostic service at your auto shop. This should include an inspection of the engine, an analysis of the overall performance of your vehicle, and possibly some needed adjustments to critical […]

If your vehicle has starting problems, have your mechanic inspect the entire starting system, including the ignition switch, a neutral safety switch, the starter solenoid, the starter motor, the car battery, and the alternators. Your mechanic will rule out what “isn’t” the problem, such as the battery and the alternators. Once the battery and the […]